2 men charged with 'violent rape' of intoxicated woman after sharing Uber ride

SEATTLE -- Two men have been charged with raping an intoxicated 23-year-old woman in her Kirkland home after sharing an Uber ride with her from a Seattle bar, charging documents showed Monday.

Levi Brower, 28, of Kent, and Dominick Mariutto, 23, who is now stationed with the Army in El Paso, Texas, were both charged Friday with second-degree rape. Bail was set at $100,000 each.

The two male friends met the woman while she was with her girlfriends at a Capitol Hill bar. Prosecutors say the two men told a variety of lies, including their names and that they were brothers, to the women and persuaded the victim to share an Uber back to Kirkland with them. After arriving at her home in Kirkland, the victim vomited in her front yard for several minutes and then was helped inside by Brower and Mariutto, prosecutors said.

That's when the 22-minute attack occurred, prosecutors said. Despite the woman repeatedly saying "no," the two men raped her at the same time, prosecutors said.

"The defendants Brower and Mariutto committed a violent rape against the victim they knew to be intoxicated, leaving her seriously injured as a result," the prosecuting attorney said in court documents.

"As a result of the rape, the victim suffered an injury to her mouth where the piece of skin connecting her tongue to her mouth was torn. The defendants fled the house as she was throwing up blood in a nearby bathroom."

The two called an Uber and told the driver a story that they were having a "good time" with twin sisters they met at a bar and had to flee off a balcony when their womens' parents came home.

"The behavior of these defendants,specifically, telling the victim that they were brothers which was not true, lying about their names, where they were from, that they were taking their grandmother to church the next morning, the elaborate lie they told the Uber driver who drove them away from the house in Kirkland where the two raped the victim, is compelling evidence that these two friends planned this rape," the charge documents said.