32 seconds to success: Seattle’s GeekWire elevator pitch series could end with an actual investment

SEATTLE – We all have good ideas, but could you sell someone on it in a mere 32 seconds?

Seattle’s GeekWire filmed a new round of episodes for their Elevator Pitch series. The elevator pitch, of course, is a short summary of an idea and an explanation of why it could be a successful business.

It’s a make-or-break skill for entrepreneurs seeking funding from investors.

The GeekWire series takes a dozen people to Seattle’s Smith Tower. In the 32 seconds it takes to travel from the ground floor to the top, each contestant tries to sell their idea to a judge.

The contestant in each of the four episodes who makes the most convincing pitch gets to go to the final round at the GeekWire Summit where their ideas may end up with an investor.

The GeekWire Summit takes place October 8-9 in Seattle.