After a nice weekend, good weather continues

Almost done with the rain, at least for this round. A nice mid-week warm up is expected and the big Memorial Day weekend is around the corner.

TODAY a few showers and those showers will be more prevalent the further south you are in the NW. Some afternoon t-storms could again roll through SW Washington, Cascades & Cascade foothills. High temps about mid 60s west of the Cascades. Clearing skies tonight with overnight lows in the 50s.

TOMORROW looks really nice. A mix of clouds and sun. High temperatures getting into the 70s for most places on the I-5 corrirdor.

WEDNESDAY looks like a carbon copy of Tuesday.

THE REST OF THE WEEK looks pretty pleasant. We could get towards 80 degrees for Portland/Willamette Valley on Thursday. Seattle/Puget Sound in the mid 70s. Friday has a chance of PM showers. Saturday passing showers, unfortunately, look likely. Sunday we look to dry out again. Memorial Day at this distant look is trending dry.

Hummingbird haven. Viewer photo from Scott & Kelly on Crocker Lake near Quilcene