Deputies searching for pregnant Pierce County woman who disappeared under suspicious circumstances

A Pierce County family is desperate for answers in the search of a missing pregnant woman who seemingly vanished Tuesday morning.

Loved ones say it was the ultimate red flag when Kassanndra Cantrell, 33, failed to show up to her first ultrasound this week, something she’d so been looking forward, something they say she wouldn’t willingly miss.

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“This is not normal, she wouldn’t just vanish…I just need her back," said Marie Smith, Cantrell's mother.

It’s been an agonizing four days since Smith last saw her daughter. It was early Tuesday morning when Smith was heading out to work.

 "She just said 'have a good day at work' I said 'thank you'. She said 'love you' and I said 'love you'. And that was the last time," said Smith about her last conversation with her daughter.

About an hour later, at 8:45 a.m. a security camera caught her driving away in her 2014 white Mazda sedan from her and mother’s Parkland home. The only plan her mom knew she had that day was at some point to go to the grocery store.

“I don't think that's where she was going when she left. Everything seemed to indicate she was going to see somebody because if she was going to the grocery store she would’ve just put her hair in a ponytail and put on some jeans and headed out, but it was clear she’d taken a shower and gotten dressed. She had taken some extra time, she doesn’t do that just to go grocery shopping," said Smith.

When she didn’t return home later that day or answer any calls, the fear started to sink in. even more so when they discovered her phone was turned off. “She never turns her phone off, and she wouldn’t stop all her social interactions. It doesn’t make any sense, something has happened.”

The nightmare deepened when Cantrell didn’t show up for her very first ultrasound appointment on Wednesday afternoon.

“She wouldn’t have missed it for the world, it doesn’t make any sense for her to be gone at all," said Smith.

Smith said her daughter was about three months pregnant. The father is a friend, and though unexpected, for Cantrell it was the most welcomed surprise.

“When she found out she was thrilled because she wasn’t sure that she'd have a chance to have a baby and so she was really excited, she already picked out names," said Smith.

Pierce County Officials said police found Cantrell's vehicle parked near the Tacoma Dome Friday night. Detectives are asking nearby businesses to check security cameras for any possible information. 

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is calling Cantrell’s disappearance suspicious. They’re not sure if she ever ended up going to the store Tuesday. They say since she disappeared there has been no activity on her bank account or cell phone.

“I'd just like my baby to come home with me so she can have her baby…I need her to come home,” said Smith.  

If you have any information on Cantrell’s whereabouts, you’re asked to contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. If you see Cantrell or her vehicle, call 911.