Idaho murders: Slain student's family plans to hire lawyer amid tensions with police

Slain University of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves' family plans to hire a lawyer amid a souring relationship with police over what they believe is a lack of transparency and an erratic investigation.

Grieving father Steve Goncalves told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that he has consulted with multiple attorneys who could potentially force police to release more details about the case.

"There are things that we can request and things we can do to get to the truth faster," he said. "You have to fill out forms to get this evidence released to you. I don't know how to do that."

Goncalves' 21-year-old daughter, her best friend, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and her boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, were stabbed to death in a rental home near campus in the early morning hours of Nov. 13.

The investigation has entered its fourth week, and police have conceded that they don't have a suspect in the grisly mass murder.

Goncalves said he's frustrated by the torrent of rumors and speculation swirling on social media about the slayings — and the reluctance of the Moscow Police Department to address many of them.

The family has already hired a private investigator to help crack the case, asserting that local police may be ill-equipped to handle the complex investigation.

Goncalves wouldn't share the identity of the gumshoe but said it's a former cop with 50 years of experience and an 87% success rate in solving cases.

"He's a true pro," he added.

The Moscow Police Department, working alongside the Idaho State Police and the FBI, has struggled to present a cohesive and consistent message with officials and has contradicted itself in prior statements.

Police initially said that they believed at least one of the victims was targeted before backtracking on the claim. They reversed course a day later, asserting that the attack was targeted.

"There seems to be confusion everywhere you look," Goncalves said of the probe. "It's just absurd the kind of stuff that’s going on right now."

He also questioned the department's decision to hastily clear people as suspects while refusing to disclose their alibis.

"If you don’t share your alibi, then you’re scared your alibi isn’t strong enough to share with the community because that gives them a chance to peer review it," he said.


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The father added that police were quick to dismiss a connection between the Idaho slayings and stabbings in Oregon and Washington while declining to explain their position. 

"Don’t treat us like we’re a bunch of little kids," he said. "You’re saying it’s not related. Then tell us why it’s not related."

He continued, "They’ve messed up a million times. But I don’t get to say that because what experience does Steve have? He doesn’t know. He’s just a dad who woke up one day and had his life turned upside down."

The Moscow Police Department is asking that the public call in tips at 208-883-7180, email or submit digital media here.

This story initially appeared on Fox News.