Serial scammer targets senior citizens, steals thousands

Investigators are looking for a serial scammer in King County who is targeting senior citizens, stealing hundreds or thousands from them in each incident.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office filed 13 felony cases against Georgio Christopher Stevens.

Stevens is accused of targeting seniors, both men and women, damaging their cars, then pretending he can fix the vehicles. 

Stevens then steals the debit card information from the victims and races off to nearby stores to get away with as much as he can before the victims find out, prosecutors say.

"He was so nice. He was one of the sweetest, nicest people you could ever ask for," said Frances Lee.

In January, Lee was the victim of one of these crimes.

She says she was walking back to her car from the bank when she was approached by the suspect who claimed her bumper was broken, and he could fix it.

"It’s very hard to say, ‘no’ to somebody that looks like they are really trying to do you a good turn," she said.

Lee gave the suspect her debit card information. She then claims the suspect said he needed to get material to fix her car.

"I thought, he is never coming back," she said.

Lee lost $2,000 dollars in the scam, she says. The worst part is that the bank won’t refund her due to the thief targeting her debit card, Lee said.

Stevens was in jail but was released temporarily to receive treatment. Officials with the prosecutor’s office said they did not want him released out of fear he would not return to jail.

Stevens was ordered to return to jail by 4 p.m. on June 23. He did not return to jail.

There are numerous warrants out for Stevens’ arrest.


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