Bikini baristas flout Everett's new 'dress code,' prompting concerns from stand owners

Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin signed a new ordinance in mid-April aimed at regulating the attire of bikini baristas, which required compliance within 15 days. However, the response from some coffee stand workers has been less than serious, prompting concern from stand owners.

Jovanna Edge, a bikini barista stand owner who has been invested in the dress code battle for over seven years, reports witnessing baristas mocking the dress code by enticing customers with inappropriate attire — or lack thereof. The push for more coverage came about following unanimous City Council approval on April 17, after a prolonged legal fight involving Edge and the city.

Despite the implementation of the new dress code, concerning imagery surfaced, with some baristas barely clothed, using slogans like "one of the last chances to see me with nothing under my skirt" and "no panties for this schoolgirl" and "she’s breaking dress code just for you."

"The girls are not sex workers. And we don't carry a license to be an adult entertainment establishment," Edge said. "They need to do something about it."

Edge expressed her frustration and called on city officials to enforce the new rules and address displays that go beyond the proper dress code for coffee stands.

The issue has escalated as the city's bikini barista market has become more competitive, from three stands to approximately 28.

"I think that it is appropriate to say that some bikini baristas are sex workers and so on. But that is not what bikini coffee is supposed to be about," one barista commented. "I will say within like the last year or so it has gotten a lot more crotchless … a lot more competition, more naked."

Two weeks ago, Edge received an email from the city attorney indicating that a flyer was being finalized and would soon be distributed to stands with guidelines on the ordinance. To date, barista stands claim they have not received any guidance.

The City of Everett says the ordinance is now in effect and that a flyer is being prepared to communicate the new policy to businesses. Their goal is to protect community interests and prevent exploitation.

As of now, local police have not reported any complaints regarding the new dress code violations.

This is a developing story; check back for updates.


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