Back2Besa - National Poetry Month Spotlight: Insights from Acacia Salisbury

In honor of National Poetry Month, Besa Gordon engaged in a captivating conversation with Acacia Salisbury, a producer at Converge Media and a talented poet. Acacia's journey with poetry began at the tender age of 7 when her grandmother introduced her to the renowned poet and author Maya Angelou. Together, they delved into the origins of National Poetry Month, Acacia's personal journey with poetry, the vibrant poetry community in Seattle, and strategies for crafting a poem each day.

Back2Besa full episode: March 12

Besa Gordon sits down with Back2Besa love and relationships coach Debrena Jackson-Gandy to talk about “The State Of The Union” love and relationships union, that is. In this interview, Debrena talks about the breakdown in marriage and relationships, why dating apps have caused a downward spiral in communication for new relationships, how to reignite passion and communication in relationships, what makes someone a “good date” and more.