2 former Washington governors endorse Anne Davison for Seattle City Attorney

Former Washington Governors Christine Gregoire and Gary Locke, both Democrats, have endorsed Ann Davison in the race for Seattle City Attorney

"We have had a chance to meet with and talk to City Attorney candidate Ann Davison. Unlike her opponent, Ann understands that we can strike a balance in the Seattle City Attorney’s Office that supports both public safety and compassionate treatment of those suffering from mental health and substance abuse challenges. She knows that accountability is a two-way street and that our communities deserve a leader with a plan. Ann will act swiftly to help those suffering on our streets while also acting decisively to deal with the high impact crimes causing so much of the disorder on our streets," Gregoire and Locke said in a statement. 

Davison, a Republican, beat incumbent Pete Holmes in the Primary Election in August. She and Nicole Thomas-Kennedy will be on the ballot in November. Davison is currently an attorney and an arbitrator. 

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The race for Seattle City Attorney is non-partisan, however, Davison ran as a Republican for Lt. Governor. 

"Seattle is at a crossroads. Seattle remains a great place to live and raise a family, but it also faces some very real and growing problems. Now more than ever we need pragmatic city leaders who understand the challenges our city is facing and are committed to implementing realistic solutions that will get Seattle back on the right track.

"We know Ann to be a thoughtful attorney who will lead the office by focusing on equity and respect. The policy choice could not be clearer in this race. Abolishing jails, abolishing the police, and ending prosecution of nearly all misdemeanor crimes, including shoplifting, domestic violence and gun offenses, would make the people of Seattle less safe and would put our neighborhoods at risk. We need a more strategic and realistic approach. Seattle needs Ann Davison’s brand of balanced oversight in order to protect our communities and ensure that all our residents thrive," the statement continued. 

Davison's opponent, Thomas-Kennedy, is an avowed police abolitionist and Gregoire told FOX 13 News that some of the Tweets she was sent out in the past about policing and property damage were concerning. 

"The city of Seattle is probably without question the most progressive city in the state of Washington, and with that comes progressive idealism that I respect,  to be perfectly honest with you. What I can't sit there and let go by is a person who believes in anarchy and that property destruction is a moral imperative and that all police officers are serial killers, that the United States Supreme Court is illegitimate and who hates our country.  That, I think is a pivotal moment in the future of Seattle, where we have to get the right person at the helm, and I think Ann is the right person," Gregoire said.  

FOX 13 News has reached out to the Thomas-Kennedy campaign for comment on the endorsements and has yet to hear back. 

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