Instacart driver feels 'lucky' after man used SUV to ram his car while fleeing police in Seattle

An Instacart driver feels lucky to be alive after Seattle Police say a man rammed an SUV into his car at the Ballard Fred Meyer parking lot, pushing it out of the way in order to escape officers, who found him slumped over the wheel. 

 Another shopper caught the wild scene on camera as the driver slammed into his car with the much larger vehicle.  

Awet Gebremariam, the Instacart driver, was inside the Ballard Fred Meyer picking out an order. While outside, another shopper recorded the shocking moment the man's Prius was pushed around like a bumper car, by a person Seattle Police accused of driving a stolen SUV.   

"Five minutes before the incident, I got the order and just went inside the store," said Gebremariam. 

 When the hardworking delivery driver came out of the store, he found his car smashed, sitting several feet away from his original parking spot. 

"I was shocked," he said.  "He just parked in front of me when the police blocked him behind, he pushed my car all the way from the parking, straight here."  

VIDEO: Shocked Fred Meyer shoppers watch as SUV driver rams Prius out of the way to escape Seattle Police

Gebremariam's first thoughts were of his wife and five kids, three of them under the age of 11, who rely on him as the sole breadwinner.   

"That’s the only job I have right now," he said.   

So, with the check engine light flashing, Gebremariam got into the car after the crash and started it up.    

"That’s the only car I have to drive for work and for family," he said.

Despite a crumpled front-end, and an awful noise coming from the wheels, the car did start. So, he continued on with his deliveries that day. 

With so much riding on the car for his family, he has started an online fundraiser to help pay for repairs. 

"I work 14 – 15 hours a day. I start at 5:50 a.m. I just go home at 9:30 p.m. every day, seven days. So, there’s not a choice," he said. 

A cross hangs from his car's mirror above a statue of Mary and Joseph, two central figures in many religions. He believes his guardian angels are watching out for him every single day, preventing a much more frightening outcome.  

"Like five minutes before the incident, I just went to the store," Gebremariam said. "I was lucky. I just kind of say ‘Thanks God, saved my life'." 

Seattle Police say the man driving the SUV was arrested and could face charges for assault, possession of a stolen vehicle and possession with intent to distribute.