VIDEO: Shocked Fred Meyer shoppers watch as SUV driver rams Prius out of the way to escape Seattle Police

A shocked shopper caught a wild scene on cell phone video in the parking lot of the Ballard Fred Meyer on Monday Afternoon.  

She says the driver of an SUV started ramming another car at the very spot where she'd parked, while he was trying to escape police. 

SPD says it all started after a license plate check indicated that they may be dealing with a stolen vehicle and they noticed that the driver was slumped over the wheel.  

Piroska, who took the video, said she was parked very close to the suspect's SUV in the parking lot. When she got out of her car, she realized the area was surrounded by police.  

Officers had placed tire deflation spikes, called terminators, near the SUV's wheels. That happened around the same time Piroska got out of her car. She then started to hear police issuing directives over a loudspeaker to the suspect. 

Having no idea that they had been investigating it for a stolen plate, she cleared out of the way after getting the feeling that something crazy was about to happen.   

She started recording video on her cell phone just before the driver, who had been blocked in by police, turned the parking lot into something that looked like a demolition derby track.  

"I was worried somebody would be hit or hurt," she said.  

Piroska hurried to safety behind a group of Tesla car charges. 

"When he was coming at a straight forward, I was like ‘he’s going to crash the car and ditch it,’" said Piroska.  

She pulled out her phone to capture the driver hitting the gas, using the Tahoe like a bumper car, to shove the Prius out of the way.   

"I was like ‘this is crazy,’" she said. 

The driver then punched it past patrol cars, damaging one of the vehicles.  

"He whipped around and hit the cop car mirror off and kind of dragged it along," she said. 

However, the police weren't far behind. They caught up with the driver, who ditched the SUV and while running off, police say he tried to open the door of a different car with someone inside. 

However, a spokesperson for SPD said he did not get in. 

As for the owner of the damaged Prius, Piroska said he was inside shopping for a grocery delivery service and didn't hear the announcement over the intercom regarding his car. 

"I guess maybe he had headphones on and didn’t know all that went on. So, he came out a few minutes later and came out after shopping for somebody, and realized his car was kind of screwed."

Piroska says he was able to drive the car away, which was surprising. She says she was glad nobody was hurt.  

"It was kind of scary because a lot of old people shop around that time," she said. 

Seattle Police say the man is under investigation for DUI. He was arrested and could be booked Tuesday for assault, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and possession with intent to distribute.


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