Construction causing delays, headaches on Sea-Tac runways

SEATTLE -- If you've flown out of Sea-Tac Airport recently, you may have noticed delays while your plane is taxiing.

Some frustrated flyers have even taken to social media, with one Twitter user quipping that Sea-Tac's runway should be named the Seattle Triangle -- because once you get on the plane, that plane never leaves.

The delays are due to the closure of the airport's longest runway so crews can begin an expansion project at one part of the airport.

The delays are twofold, airport officials said: Some of the delays are caused by Mother Nature, while others are because construction is forcing planes to lineup for take off farther away than usual, or wait longer to take off.

Port officials say the construction needed to be done now, because this is considered one of the slower travel seasons.

They caution travelers to check with their airlines to see if flights are delayed.

If all goes as planned, this phase of construction should be done in December.