Firefighters rescue 2 dogs found unconscious in Thurston County house fire

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. -- West Thurston firefighters rescued two dogs from a burning home Wednesday morning. Fire officials say Zip and Faith, an Australian Shepard and Heeler, were found unconscious in a bathtub.

Fire crews were called to the home about 11:25 a.m. when a neighbor noticed the fire.

Firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire to one room, and search the home for any victims.

As they began their secondary search, firefighters found Zip and Faith in the bathroom tub huddled together unconscious. They were swiftly brought outside given Pet Oxygen Masks.

Officials say one dog began to seize and the other was making efforts to breathe as they were transported to Scatter Creek Animal Clinic where vet staff treated the dogs for smoke inhalation.

The dog owners said Zip and Faith are "self" trained to go into the bathroom and shut the door.

Captain Christiansen summed it up when he said “They have quick, smart dogs and a pet loving crew that knew exactly what to do. We are trained to save people and the pets that people love.”