Gun retailers talk safety in wake of mother's accidental shooting death in Idaho

SEATTLE -- Local gun retailers say accidental shootings, like the one at an Idaho Walmart on Tuesday, could be prevented if gun owners took the proper safety measures.

Mike Coombs, of Outdoor Emporium, doesn’t just sell guns, he also uses them. He’s very careful about having them around his children.

“I own a lot of firearms, but they’re all locked up. And I teach my kids and family members that every firearm should be treated it as if it’s loaded.”

He tries to teach his customers as well. He gives them free cable trigger locks when they purchase a gun.

“You can either put it through the cylinder or through the barrel,” says Mike Albert. “I like using the barrel, because then nothing’s going through it.”

For about $10, gun owners can get a combination trigger lock. Coombs says something like that could have prevented a tragedy like the one in Idaho.

He understands people who want to take advantage of their right to carry a concealed weapon, but says gun owners have to take extra precautions.

“I don’t know what the law reads, but I think it (the firearm) has to be on your body or in your control,” he says. “If it’s somewhere else, it’s not going to be in your control. You have to be smart with it and keep it in a safe, locked position with kids and other people.”

He’s partnered with both King County and Seattle Children’s Hospital, taking part in lock box giveaways and spreading the word about responsible gun ownership.

“There’s really no excuse for anyone to have a firearm and not have it locked up.”

Coombs says he will offer a discount on certain safes and locks to Q13 Fox News viewers, if they mention this story.