Jury sides with surgeon in bone cement trial

SEATTLE -- A jury has found in favor of a University of Washington surgeon who was sued by the daughter of a patient who died after the doctor used a non-FDA-approved bone cement during the woman's spinal surgery.

Rick Friedman, the lawyer for Cindy Wilson, says the jury reached the decision on Friday that Dr. Jens Chapman did not act below the standard of medical care when he used the Norian bone cement on Reba Golden's back in 2007. Golden died on the operating table.

The jury also found that Chapman failed to inform Golden about the risks associated with using Norian, but concluded that an informed person would have opted to use the cement anyway.

Wilson had also sued Synthes, the maker of Norian, and four company executives. But Friedman says the company and Wilson reached a confidential settlement during the fourth week of the trial.