Puppy missing after possible coyote sighting in Kirkland

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- A sighting of a coyote or maybe even a wolf in one Kirkland neighborhood has people who live there thinking twice before letting their pets, even their children outside.

A homeowner says they witnessed the animal taking his puppy out of their fenced backyard Friday in the area of 107th Place Northeast.

People in the neighborhood can now be seen walking their dogs with a bat in their hands, just in case they run into this wild animal.

While Steve Wilkes normally feels safe in his neighborhood, he’s still shaken after witnessing what looked like a coyote jump his fence and take off with his 9-month old puppy named Rogue.

“I saw all black across the top, hit the top of the fence which is about 5 feet there and down the other side,” said Wilkes. “I came through here pretty fast yelling after the dog and came through the neighbor’s yard here, and I was following the sounds of our dog.”

Still in shock about what happened to Rogue, Wilkes sent out an e-mail to warn the neighborhood.

“It is very concerning to know there could be something very predatory out here that we all have to be care of,” said Wilkes.

Neighbor Wendy Macomber also saw the creature.

“I saw it; the thing stopped, it turned and it had bright yellow eyes, definitely dark at the top and that much taller with ears straight up,” said Macomber.

Neighbors said the sighting put a damper on Halloween this weekend, with fewer trick-or-treaters venturing out.

“In the past, especially on a Saturday, we’ve had a ton of little kids out,” said Macomber. “I heard from another neighbor, she only had 5 people come by. I mean it’s concerning enough for small animals and small kids and again like I said, even though I have a big dog, I’m keeping him on leash and on tight.”

Steve Wilkes is holding his other dog Lilly a little closer too, still fearful the wild animal might come back for more.

“I’m sure whatever happened definitely impacted her very significantly,” said Wilkes.

The Wilkes have posted flyers around their neighborhood.  They haven’t lost hope that maybe Rogue got away.

They’re offering a reward for anyone who might have found her.

Because the incident happened late Friday night, they haven’t reported the incident to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. They plan to do that Monday.