Scouring Goodwill shelves, careful reading and more trending

They've arrived: Remember when you spent over $300 on a brand new XBox, or PS2? Find them now on a Goodwill shelf near you. 

DirecTV drops The Weather Channel: Guess it's back to smoke signals and every other news station out there.

Street doctor: A pretty incredible mini-doc about a doctor who dresses like a homeless person, to go out and take care of the poor.

Shutting down 'The Newsroom': HBO announced yesterday that 'The Newsroom' will go off-air, after three seasons. The final season is set to air this fall.

It always pays to check the spelling: Someone paid over $225 on what they thought were front row tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is what they got in the mail. 

Large beer = small beer? I know there was a big to-do over beer sales by the ounce at Qwest Field .. and this video is making the rounds on Imagr now. Anyone know if this is still an issue at the Clink?

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