Search for gunman in bizarre attempted murder in Seattle

It was the start of a sunny holiday weekend in a Lake City neighborhood in Seattle. Just after noon, a man named Travis was heading into his girlfriend’s secluded home on Sand Point Way, when someone confronted him: "He was shot six times in my front yard."

His girlfriend, who we’re calling Jane, lives where the shooting took place and is asking we keep her identity anonymous. She says she’s living in a kind of fear that’s unexplainable. She says it appears the shooter was lying in wait, but she doesn’t know for who or why.

"All of that definitely goes through your mind of the safety of the people you love, for your children you have to protect-it’s terrifying." Jane, the owner of a small local business, was at work when she got the call that Travis had been shot six times. 

Jane says she and Travis, who is a local chef, have no enemies.

"We both live really peaceful lives, we have small circles," says Jane. But something did come to mind: "that's immediately where I went was, this person who tried to break into my home came back." 

Jane says just 10 days before the shooting, she and Travis had a horrifying encounter with a masked man who was wearing gloves and all black.

"We were having coffee on the couch and we saw him come up the deck and, he saw Travis and charged at him, and the sliding glass door was closed and locked barely in time and he continued to pound on the glass until we showed him that we called 911 and it was only then that he jumped off of the deck and ran away." 

SPD confirms they were called to investigate. Jane’s home is secluded, barely visible from the street.  Her deck is a floating deck that isn’t easy to access, but she says the man seemed determined.

"I didn't sleep for days. This was during that heatwave and I was too scared to even open my windows to get any kind of draft so my house was 100 degrees inside because I was too afraid."

Seattle Police say at this time it appeared the shooting was targeted. As for why that would be, Jane says she would do anything to know. "It's all I think about is just catching this person wanting to just desperately know what’s happening and to know that we're safe and that we're not going to be murdered some other day."

Travis is still in the hospital, unable to communicate, and still fighting for his life.

"He's still on a ventilator, he still has bullets inside of his body, he's lost many organs, he has a very long road to recovery."

If you have any information about the shooting please contact crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips or by using the P3 Tips app on your smartphone. You can stay completely anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward.

Jane tells us she’s unsure Travis will be able to continue his career as a chef. His medical bills will be substantial. If you would like to help, there is a fundraiser set up on his behalf here.