Seattle Humane has 'urgent need' for foster parents following large transfer of dogs

Over 40 dogs and puppies were recently brought into the Seattle Humane Society in a large transfer from Oklahoma, and the agency is in "urgent need" of foster parents as a result. 

During the trek from Oklahoma, one puppy became sick and tested positive for parvovirus. Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease among dogs and impacts the gastrointestinal tract, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. While vaccines can prevent infection, the mortality rate can be high in untreated cases. 

Since all the dogs on the trip were exposed to the virus, Seattle Humane had to quarantine them in several dorms away from the healthy adoptable pet population.  

In total, 44 animals, including seven dogs and 37 puppies, arrived in Seattle. 

Some of those animals were able to move forward with the adoption process due to their vaccine history. However, many will need to be quarantined for 14 days because of their exposure. 

The puppies range in age from two weeks to six months.

If you're able to help the shelter and the puppies during the quarantine period, you can sign up to volunteer at the shelter or sign up to be a foster parent here. 

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Photo from Seattle Humane Society