Skagit River swallows more than 100-feet of property

LYMAN, Wash. -- Homeowners in Lyman were on edge this weekend as strong currents caused more than 100-feet of property to crumble into the Skagit River.

Lyman City Council Member Mark Harris told Q13 News he lost a huge chunk of property, a shed, and a 1,000-gallon propane tank.

"This was my retirement home. You're pretty much looking at 2 to 300 thousand dollars that went down the river," Harris said. "Anything and everything has washed into the river."

Harris is now concerned for his neighbors as he fears more land will be lost in the next few days.

"His corner of his house is already hanging over and I don't know if you can see it or not, but its two feet from my patio and eight feet from the corner of my house."

Harris and his neighbors' homes were not positioned directly alongside the Skagit River. Chris with Skagit Breaking News details how far the river came from its normal path.

Flood waters receded Sunday revealing the damage left behind, but more property could be lost in the event of another rain event.

On Saturday, members of the community pitched in to help Harris salvage his tools from a shed before it was swallowed up.

"We had trailers lined up. We had people packing up everything out of the shop, out of the house." Harris said. "I knew most of them some of them, but some I didn't even know."

United States Representative Suzan DelBene is expected to talk to homeowner affected by the flooding along the Skagit River Monday morning.

More area flooding

It's not just the property near the river channel that fell victim to floodwaters this weekend.

In the city of Hamilton water eroded roads and flooded dozens of homes on Thanksgiving.