Sounders fans support team differently for MLS Cup championship due to pandemic restrictions

On Saturday, the Seattle Sounders will take on Columbus Crew in the MLS Cup, however supporting the team this year in person will be unlike any other due to the pandemic.

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Last year, when the Sounders won the championship, fans flocked to watch the game at the then named, CenturyLink Field. They cheered loud from the bars and restaurants around Seattle. And the Sounders won it all.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 will prevent anything like that from happening in 2020.

However, restaurants are still showing their spirit in any way they can.

“We’ll be running our gameday specials all day,” said Roland Remolana.

Remolana is a bartender at Deluxe Bar and Grill in Seattle. He said they will be open for business during the game, but folks have to stay outside due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Instead, he suggests coming before the game and stocking up on to-go food, and special Sounders-themed to-go cocktails to enjoy while you watch.

“It’s a win-win. The Sounders win; you get to watch at home, social distance, and you get to eat too,” he said.

Just because you’re watching the game at home, doesn’t mean you have to watch it alone.

“We’ve had anywhere from 25 to 100, or more depending on what game it is. So, tomorrow we are expecting an uptick because it is a big match, obviously. And because we can’t go to bars, because we can’t go be with our families, it’s a chance for the Sounders community to come together,” said Cameron Collins.

Collins is the president of the Seattle Sounders Alliance Council and the president of Gorilla FC.

For the last few weeks, he has been helping to facilitate Zoom watch parties of the Sounders games.

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He said it gives Sounders fans the closest thing they can get this year to being at the game.

“It gives the chance to get what you’d get at the stands, talking to the people standing around you,” he said.

Collins said they have had folks take part in the Zoom watch parties from all across the world. Everyone is welcomed, they just have to register a few hours before the game.

If you’re interested in watching the game via Zoom with other Sounders fans click here.

The MLS Cup starts at 5:30 p.m. You can watch it on Q13 FOX and watch Q13's Sounders FC Matchday postgame show here