Trial begins for father of teen who shot classmates

SEATTLE (AP) — The federal trial of the father of the teenager who fatally shot four high school classmates moved at a snail's pace Monday as many prospective jurors were excused because of their connection with or knowledge of the case.

Raymond Fryberg is charged with illegally owning the gun his son, Jaylen, used in the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting. Fryberg doesn't face any charges related to the Oct. 24 shooting. The judge tried to weed out jurors who had already formed an opinion.

After a dozen jurors were questioned individually, about half were sent home based on their answers.

One woman was excused because she works at the school, and another because she has a child who attends the school.

The judge sent one woman home after she said she believed that if Fryberg didn't own a gun, the high school shooting wouldn't have happened. Another man was excused because he said he didn't think anyone should own a gun.