'We're not going to be defeated', Seattle student studying in Paris

SEATTLE – A Seattle University graduate studying Paris describes the haunting scene the day after the attacks.

Parisians woke up Saturday to the horror brought on by the previous night’s terror attacks. Violence deadlier than anything Paris has experienced since World War II. 23 year old Seattle University student Brooke Burns is getting her masters in Paris and called us this morning. During the siege, Brooke was at a restaurant one street over from the one attacked

“I was standing there with my backpack in the clothes I was wearing yesterday but instead of partying with my friends we'd been in this surreal horrifying situation,” Burns explained by phone. There's been a bomb, no there's been a shooting, no it's at a theatre. People started to sit on the floor and huddle together.

Then the realization of what was happening outside finally sunk in, then word traveled to Seattle.

“I got a text from her that says don't worry I'm ok,” Brooke’s Mom Kathy Burns said. “It's just been a really big eye opener and I'm just glad that her and get friends are safe.”

Kathy fears more violence could erupt around her daughter.

“I do worry about it because this whole thing could really spiral,” Kathy added.

Despite the blood-stained streets and thick cloud of fear in the air – Brooke says Parisians resilience is already shining through.

“I've been watching people react to it and it's very much like we're stronger together and we're not going to be defeated by fear,” Brook said.