West Seattle family seeks community's help in searching for missing grandfather

A West Seattle Family is searching for James Price, a missing beloved grandfather and husband who answers to "Jim".

It's been 11 days since anyone has seen the 86-year-old who has undiagnosed dementia. Jim doesn't have a cell phone or a car, but does ride public transportation.

He was last seen outside his home Monday, Sept. 18 on 22nd St. in West Seattle. His family tells FOX 13 there has been several group and individual searches on land and by air, but have all turned up empty.

Sharon Price says she and her loved ones have posted more than 300 flyers throughout her neighborhood, all the way up to Vashon Island, where they own a property. She says they have searched the lower bridge, nearby encampments and have knocked on RV doors, but still there's no sign of him.

"I was out busy searching, as long as I kept busy I didn’t do much thinking," Price said.

Outside there home sits End of Street Park, a constant reminder of who Jim is: A nature loving and outdoor enthusiast. 

"He’s the one that people see either walking our dog around the neighborhood every day or in this pocket park tending to it," Price said. 

A special place that they beautified together, making it an official park. Jim created an obelisk, welcoming everyone to their neighborhood. Since his absence, the bike path is a little brushier and their 13-year-old dog Wiley is lonely as he misses his companion. Prices's life partner of 31 years.

"We got married in 1992," Price said. "Now I'm doing more thinking and reality is starting to set in."

Price has been replaying those last few moments before his disappearance. She says September has been hard on them. On Sunday the 17th, they were busy, but were looking ahead to the next week when they were hit with a lot blow. 

"Monday morning we had a plumbing incident with a lot of flooding in the main floor; things were very stressful we were both busy cleaning up," Price said.

All she has left is the hood of Jim's windbreaker, which he left behind after she says he grabbed his coat and said he was headed for a walk.

"He said I’m going to go pick plums," Price recalls. That was their plan, to head to the neighbors house together, but he often went for walks alone. Price says a few minutes later she walked over, but Jim never made it. "He probably didn’t remember from the time he was in the house putting on his windbreaker to the time he got down to the sidewalk.," Price said. "He probably forgot what he intended to do in the first place."

The 86-year-old grandfather suffers from dementia. Price says he only started getting worse within the last few days. When he never came home, she called police. Since then, loved ones have organized group and individual land and air searches across Vashon Island and West Seattle but have turned up empty. 

"We don’t really have a clue what his intention was when he came down to the sidewalk, which way he went, how far he went," Price said. She's hopeful someone will recognize her 5'10'', gray haired, and blue-eyed husband. He was last seen wearing a loose-fitting blue jacket and black or blue pants. He has a spine injury which causes him to lean to the left.

"Please come home. I need you. I want you I want your company," Price said. She hopes families who have a loved one suffering from dementia to use trackers – even if you think you don't need one. 

She's urging anyone who sees Jim to hold on to him and call 911. You can also help join the search by signing up at the West Seattle Senior Center.