Woman says she found semi-nude intruder helping himself to beers, sandwich

ARLINGTON, Tenn. — A Tennessee man was taken into custody after a woman told police she found him half naked inside her home, helping himself to the contents of her refrigerator.

The bizarre series of events started when the suspect, Bethel Bailey, noticed one of his bike tires was flat late around midnight Tuesday night, police said. He went to one of the homes nearby and knocked on the front door, according to WREG, but no one answered.

The 54-year-old decided to make himself at home, police said. Bailey drank several beers and ate a ham sandwich and several cookies before jumping into the homeowner's shower. Once clean, he took a nap on the living room couch.

Bailey was apparently in the process of washing his clothes when the owner returned from work. Police say Bailey was likely in the house for about seven hours.

"I went to come in the house and I saw someone coming toward the door with my blanket wrapped around his waist," said the homeowner, who didn't want to be identified.

She called authorities who arrived in time to take the man into custody.

Deputies said they also found Bailey's wet clothes, a bike and a helmet on the rear patio.

"He thawed out some chicken ... going to season it, make a salad, I don't know," said the homeowner. "Some of it is funny when you think about and try to explain it, but then some of it is pretty traumatic when you realize there is a person in your house."

Even stranger, she said, Bailey lives just a half mile away. She said she's just thankful her teenage son wasn't home and that deputies got there fast.

Bailey was charged with aggravated burglary.