Commentary: Seahawks prove offseason headlines were insignificant in quest for another Super Bowl run

One week from the season opener at Green Bay, we start with a question: How do you feel about the Seahawks right now? I’m guessing pretty good.

In fact, I’m reminded of something Richard Sherman told us at the start of Training Camp: "That’s the only thing that matters in this game: Winning. Winning cures and solves everything,” Sherman said.

Sure, it was just the preseason, but the Seahawks won. They went 4-0. And now, at the very least, everyone seems to be cautiously optimistic.

Compare that to how you felt less than two months ago, when the ridiculous national dialogue and headlines included: “Possible division in the Seahawks locker room!” “The defense dislikes Russell Wilson?” “Richard Sherman wants a trade!” I’m sure it had many of us feeling a bit worried about the future of a team now three seasons removed from a Super Bowl title.

And then…the Seahawks won. And won again. And they all took a knee in Los Angeles when one of their own went down. And they all celebrated with their new teammates throughout meaningless games. And they all banded together when George Fant and DeAndre Elliott were lost for the rest of the season.

And now: Everything is good. Everything feels good. No one’s talking about petty locker room stuff. No one’s even talking about Frank Clark’s punch anymore.

Add the addition of Sheldon Richardson, one of the most dominant defensive linemen in the league, and it’s fair to say the Super Bowl is once again the expectation.

It’s that big-picture perspective that might save many 12’s from headaches that come with analyzing every headline on a day-to-day basis. A perfect example? Kasen Williams. Did we all think he earned a roster spot? Absolutely. Do we think it could be a mistake to let him go? Sure. And do we all wish the local product nothing but success going forward? No doubt. But is the release of Kasen Williams the reason the Seahawks won’t win a Super Bowl this year? Probably not.

In fact, in seven years under Pete Carroll and John Schneider, they’ve waived about 260 players in final cuts, and how many did they regret cutting? One or two? Didn’t we all get over it when they got rid of T.J. Houshmandzadeh or preseason stars like Josh Portis, Terrelle Pryor or Troymaine Pope?

I know we’re all used to the Mariners trading away future stars, but Carroll and Schneider have rarely let them go with the Seahawks.

Maybe it’s fitting the Seahawks are playing Aaron Rodgers this week, because I have to remind myself to “Relax.” I have to remind myself that this franchise has had ten or more wins for five straight seasons and is once again a championship contender. And that the only thing standing in the Seahawks way from a fourth Super Bowl appearance this season isn’t themselves – but something completely out of their control: Injuries.

Stay healthy, and this team will win. We’ve seen it before. And we will again.

And whenever there’s a juicy headline trying to distract us all from the main focus, just think of Sherman’s line: “Winning cures and solves everything.”

Keep doing that – and everything will be just fine.