Meet Tulip! #WhyNotMePets

Tulip, the pit bull mix, is a survivor.

She overcame a dangerous disease and is ready for adoption as a healthy and happy dog.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Tulip get adopted.

She's staying with a foster family through the Motley Zoo Pet Rescue in Redmond. Tulip is about 1-year-old.

Tulip was surrendered as a puppy because she had parvo, but she is all better now and does not have any special needs. She does have a little bit of anxiety.

"We think that's because she had to be alone when she was younger because parvo is very contagious," said Jme Thomas, the Executive Director at Motley Zoo Pet Rescue. "So, for the majority of her puppy-hood, she had to be alone and she couldn't play with other dogs. She is a little nervous being alone and she does need another dog in the home because she feels more comfortable that way."

According to the American Kennel Club, parvo causes an infectious gastrointestinal illness in puppies and young dogs, and without treatment, it is potentially deadly.

Now that Tulip is healthy, she loves to play with other dogs.

"She likes squeaky toys and she likes playing with balls, mostly to destroy them," said Thomas. "She's not quite a fetcher, but she might be able to learn that and then playing tag with her dog friends and just running around, she loves that."

Tulip is a moderately active dog. Thomas says Tulip would love to go on hikes with family.

Another dog in the home would also keep her energy level under control. Tulip would do great with kids too.

"Tulip loves people, so she loves kids," said Thomas. "She has a tween in her home right now and she's been to lots of events where she's exposed to other children. She's just a sweet dog, but she's a little nervous in new situations, but she's pretty quick to get over it."

People have been interested in Tulip, but Thomas says being a black dog and a pit bull makes it harder to adopt.

"People will judge her harshly for being a pit bull even though she did nothing wrong," said Thomas. "When we adopt pit bulls out, we do talk about that how you have to have the best dog at the dog park not just the best pit bull."

You can find out more about Tulip by emailing the rescue at or visiting the Motley Zoo Pet Rescue website.