Seattle Sounders FC's Zach Scott sits down with Michelle Ludtka

SEATTLE -- Zach Scott sat down with Q13 News' Michelle Ludtka before the MLS Cup final on Saturday. This will be Scott's last game of his career. He announced his retirement from pro soccer earlier this year after 15 years with the Seattle Sounders FC.

Scott talked about his career coming full circle and being able to play the game he loves with his friends.

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You've had a lot of great moments with the Sounders. Where does this stack up?

I think as we look at this season full circle, and hopefully it's after winning a championship, that this will definitely be the most fulfilling.

This is one we really had to silence a lot of the noise. Ya know, really quiet the echo chamber of doubters in the media, fans, other teams, you know, whatever it was, and just really focus on ourselves. And again, credit to the guys, the coaching staff for believing in us as well. It's going to go down as one of the greatest.

Is there any extra level of emotion for you knowing that your last game as a Sounder will be actually the last game that could have been played in this season?

I think less emotion and just more fulfillment. I'm just really happy with my career coming full circle and being given this opportunity. There might be emotion after the game, but right now I'm just excited as much as all the guys in the locker room are excited. We're just really really happy to be where we are.

How special is this for you to come full circle? And not just for you and your history with the Sounders but to do it with Brian Schmetzer by your side, Ozzie Alonso by your side, Brad Evans by your side. Guys who have been part of this organization for such a long time.

From the Brian standpoint, I played for two coaches my entire career and Schmetzer longer than anyone else. To have him be a part of this, and to be an integral part of us turning around our season, is just amazing. He's not only a great coach, but he's also a great guy. Somebody you really want to play for.

As for Ozzie and Brad, there's just so much turnover in this league. We say it all the time that it's so hard to keep a consistent roster together. To be with those guys for eight years now is just mind blowing! To be each in our own right part of a lot of Sounders' wins to go into this championship game where all three of us are healthy and ready to contribute is even more fulfilling.

When you started your professional career did you ever think it would end with the chance for you to take it all? The highest trophy you could get, the highest level of soccer in the United States.

No. From day one I love playing soccer, that's been the biggest thing. And I love the group of guys that the Sounders have brought together from year to year. It's been enjoying a game with my friends that's been the most fulfilling. The fact that we can add a trophy in there just makes it that much more fun.

No matter what happens, it's still going to be amazing, and I'm proud of the way my career went. The fact that I got to do it with my family and friends.