The Spotlight: 2 sheriffs draw attention to recent court decisions by judges, court commissioners

Two local Sheriffs are taking to social media to draw attention to recent decisions by judges and court commissioners to release dangerous suspects from custody. They say it's not to undermine the justice system but to protect their deputies and the public. The Spotlight shows surveillance video of two recent arrests supporting their argument that releasing suspects with no bail or low bail is putting the safety of the community in jeopardy. In one of them, a bench warrant has been issued in Pierce County for the arrest once again of Yessica Meraz Carmona after she was released from jail on her own recognizance and then failed to report to pre-trial services as ordered. The 27-year-old is wanted for two counts of Assault in the 2nd Degree, Theft of motor vehicle, attempting to elude and unlawful possession of stolen vehicle.

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