Wettest October on record: Seattle got 10" -- two months of rain in one!

SEATTLE -- Not only did we set a record, we just experienced two months of rain in one!

If you take the "normal" rainfall for the month of October -- 3.48" -- and add the "normal" rainfall for November -- 6.57" -- the total comes to 10.05". That is exactly is the total amount of rain that fell in October 2016, which is now the wettest October on record.

The old record was 8.96 inches set in 2003. October 2003 included the daily record rainfall of 5.02" on October 20th. There were only 14 days with measurable rain in October 2003.

In contrast, October 2016 also set the record for the most days with measurable rain in the month of October for Seattle with 25 days. The old record was 23 days set in 1956, 1950 and 1947.

In the 1,510 months of weather records in Seattle, October 2016 is the 13th wettest month overall and also the 13th month with 10 inches or more of rain. The record for the wettest month in Seattle is November 2006 with 15.63".

There were four 1- inch plus rain days in Seattle in October 2016. The previous record for the most number of one inch plus rain days in the month was 2 set in multiple years.

Record October rainfall was also recorded at Olympia, 12.43 inches, old record 10.72 inches set in 2003 and Hoquiam 15.85", old record 14.68" set in 1956.

Quillayute ended up with the 3rd wettest October on record with 21.08". The record is 27.17" set in 1975.

Bellingham also had the 3rd wettest October with 7.40". The record is 8.29" set in 2003.