12s chant 'no cheese, no cheese' at NFC Championship rally (PHOTO GALLERY)

SEATTLE (AP) — Seahawks fans are fired up for Sunday's NFC title game against the Green Bay Packers in Seattle.

Hall of Fame left tackle Walter Jones raised the 12th man flag Friday on top of the Space Needle. It's the largest of thousands of blue and white 12 flags flying in the city. Twelves represent the fans.

Transit buses flashed "Go Seahawks" along with route numbers.

Hundreds of people attended a noon rally in Westlake Park and cheered former players, the Sea Gals cheerleaders and Blitz the mascot. It appeared everyone was wearing a Seahawks jersey, jacket or hat, or at least the color blue for Blue Friday.

At one point the crowd took up the chant "No cheese! No cheese!" but no harm came to a smattering of cheesehead Packer fans.

Q13 FOX News reporter Adam Mertz and photographer David DeOtte were on the scene. Click through the slideshow above for the latest photos.