Candidates make a last push for votes in Washington state

SEATTLE -- With a little over four days left until the election, candidates are making a final push for votes.

So far,  nearly 40 percent of registered voters in Washington have turned in their ballots. The Secretary of State’s Office says it expects ballot returns from 84 percent of voters.

That means it’s one more photo-op and one more motivational speech heading into the last weekend before Election Day for many candidates.

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee spent time Friday morning in Seattle.

“A very fearful man is defeated by a courageous woman for president of the United States,” Inslee said, predicting the outcome of the presidential election to a group of Democratic Party volunteers.

It’s one of the few remaining chances to get these volunteers fired up as they prepare to the hit the streets and phones to encourage everyone to vote in their candidate's favor.

Inslee is looking to extend his time as governor of Washington.

“There’s only one job better than mine in the state -- and that’s Russell Wilson’s, so I love this job,” said Inslee.

With 84 percent of registered voters expected to vote in Washington, this weekend could see undecided voters picking a side heading into election Tuesday.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant is also rallying supporters.

“A lot of people are engaged this year and I think they’re going to be filling out their ballots this weekend,” said Bryant.

According to the latest Elway Poll, which surveyed about 500 likely voters from Oct. 20-22, Inslee had a 12-point lead over Bryant (51-39 percent), with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 points. The University of Washington poll, which surveyed 750 likely voters earlier in the month, from Oct. 6-13, had Inslee up 6 points (51-45%), with a margin of error of 4.4 points.

“What you’re doing today is going to make the difference between winning and losing on Tuesday,” Bryant told supporters at a Republican call-center in Issaquah.

“The person who wins is going to be the campaign that gets their people out to vote,” said Bryant.

Both men will travel this weekend; Inslee will campaign in southern Washington while Bryant stumps in the northwestern part of the state.