Everett preps road for ice, snow

EVERETT – City crews were prepping roads for ice brought on by freezing temperatures.

You know the cold is getting real when you see the salt trucks come out.

The gritty drive on West Marine View in Everett means ice is coming. Public Works Department crews have been working hard to cover top priority areas.

“Using a salt-brine which is basically a salt brine to the roads before it freezes to keep them from freezing,” Public Works Spokesperson Marla Carter explained.

Carter says bridges and overcrossings are the first to freeze up, and therefore their biggest concern.

City crews will be back at it again when the weather hits.

“We have them assigned in their 12 hour shifts and if it starts to snow they know what they're doing and they come out in shifts and take care of the snow,” Carter added.

A word of caution: be careful driving on not only roads and bridges, but also hills and shaded areas that don't get a lot of sunlight.