Extra police planned for Lake Stevens football game after 'creepy clown' threats

LAKE STEVENS -- Extra police will be in all Lake Stevens schools and at the high school football game Friday, after "creepy clown" threats continue to circulate on social media.

In a letter sent to parents, the Lake Stevens School District said, "There is a generic post circulating social media about violence in schools tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 7."

District officials pointed out that no schools have been named, and they have no reason to believe students or staff are in danger.

"We thank our students, staff and families for their diligence in bringing this information forward. We have heard rumors of clown sightings in Lake Stevens—and have seen social media postings about the sightings—but there have been no specific threats to our schools or students," reads the letter.

"We are also intentionally taking the position that anyone who comes onto or near our schools or offices wearing a clown costume is doing so with the intent to create disruption and frighten others. Law enforcement will be contacted and students will be disciplined. Given the gravity of concern and national attention, this is not a joking matter."

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your child’s principal or call the district office at 425-335-1500.

The Lake Stevens Police Department is working with school officials to investigate every rumor brought to their attention.