Federal Way man charged for killing girlfriend says they were 'teasing' each other

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- A 23-year-old Washington man has been charged with first-degree manslaughter in connection to the shooting death of his girlfriend.

Our news partner The Seattle Times reports Chris Tavita was charged on Friday for what he says was teasing gone wrong — ending in 21-year-old Faavale Muipu being shot in the face.

Tavita told detectives that Muipu had a stun gun and playfully teased him with it — saying she would use it on him. He told detectives that he responded to her by saying he would shoot her if she did.

Charging documents state a magazine had been removed from the handgun in the house, but a bullet was already chambered. The documents state Tavita pulled the trigger, and Muipu later died at a hospital.

Tavita originally tried telling authorities Muipu accidentally shot herself.