First flood of season causes minor problems, road closures

FALL CITY, Wash. – This weekend’s storms dumped a ton of rain across Puget Sound, and flood waters were still receding in many parts of east King County on Monday.

County officials are warning people to get prepared now, because we could be in for a wetter than normal season.

Most of the heavy-duty equipment at Oxbow was placed up high on shelves to keep it out of flood water.

“It could have been really awful,” said fellow Snoqualmie Valley famer Michaele Blakely. "We had a prediction of a really high flood, and all of us farmers out here were really kicking butt trying to get everything harvested and out.”

The high flood waters also closed Oxbow’s popular pumpkin patch right before Halloween.

“It’s disappointing to lose a whole day of revenue, and yet it really is just how we operate our business every year,” Dublin said. “There’s something in this time of year that is a trade-off.”

High water also forced the closure of several roads but some drivers decided to take their chances.

“We saw high flows really across King County and all of the river systems,” said Doug Williams with King County’s Flood Warning Center.

But even if you don’t live in the Snoqualmie Valley, officials say this weekend’s flooding is a good reminder to make sure you’re prepared with an emergency supply of flashlights, batteries, food and water.  They say it’s also a good idea to plan alternate routes to and from work or school.

Officials say that prep work could pay off as the coming fall and winter season are expected to be wetter than normal.

“We could expect to see certainly more flooding like this for the next several months,” said Williams.

King County officials also said now is a good time for anyone who lives, works or commutes near flood prone areas to download their flood warning app.