Frustrated renters create map of problem properties in Bellingham

Frustrated Bellingham tenants are retaliating against landlords using a new "rental radar."

The interactive map [language warning] created by local group Tenants Revolt features descriptive complaints, images and icons warning about issues at each property such as: mold, pests and price hikes.

Kara Henry and her roommates submitted their property to Tenants Revolt. Their home in Bellingham’s York neighborhood is now pinpointed on the map.

"We don’t have anyone that’s protecting us as the tenants living here," said Henry. "We do not have anyone at the city or state level that’s concern for our health." 

Currently, Henry and her roommates are most concerned about the pervasive mold issues across the property. 

"It’s really frustrating that the expectation is we live in these conditions," said Henry.

Aidan Hersh lives with Henry. He believes the problems are not exclusive to Ellis Street.

"There’s a disconnect between what is ethical and what is legal," said Hersh. "They’ve skirted around their requirements and responsibilities as landlords without considering our health and safety." 

FOX 13 contacted Lakeway Rentals, the company responsible for the property. Management sent this statement responding to the accusations:

"While I cannot speak on the actions of those employed before me, the issues with the property at 1210 Ellis came to my attention July of this year, when the home failed the City of Bellingham re-inspection. Since then, we have partnered with preferred contractors and vendors in order to complete the necessary repairs. We have received pushback from the Tenants Revolt group, and repairs have been delayed on several occasions due to protest efforts, and by requests from government agencies to ensure compliance. We are currently working under the guidance of the City of Bellingham in order to bring the property back up to code."