Have the talk, our kids need us. Doctor's advice after deadly shooting in Burlington.

If feels like we're living in a new reality.  A reality where mass shootings happen in places we all visit.  A school.  A mall.   This new reality is difficult to face, but face it we must.  Although the images and the stories break our heart, we have to move forward.  We must have a plan.

As hard as it is to come to grips with these horrific shootings, we must recognize how important it is we talk to our kids about what's happening.

As a parent, I struggle with this.  I don't know how much information is too much.  I don't want to scare my kids by sharing too much.  Showing too much emotion can confuse them.  What should I do?

Dr. Gregg Jantz has been a reliable resource for Q13 staffers after these tragedies.  He always stops by and talks to us about coping, processing the emotional impact, and moving forward.  Today, once again, Dr. Jantz stopped by after a deadly shooting, to help us cope.

This time, our focus was on our kids.  The young generation, growing up in a time where lock-down drills are more frequent in schools.  Where having a family plan, and escape route should be dinner table conversation.

It's unfortunate we have to have these talks.  But have them we must.  Watch my interview with Dr. Jantz if you're struggling to know what to say to your kids.  The one thing I know for sure, is making sure you're kids know they're loved is the most important thing we can do.  Talk to them, encourage them to ask questions, and be there for them.

We live in a world where there is a lot of evil.  But we also live in a world where there is a lot of good.   I believe there are many more who want to love, share, live and learn from one another.   We need each other, now more than ever.