How to talk with children about the Connecticut shooting, other tragedies

SEATTLE -- Following the tragic shooting in Connecticut, many parents around the country are left with the difficult task of talking to their children about the horrific tragedy.

Psychiatrists at the Seattle Children's Hospital have released a blog post with tips on how to talk with kids about the shooting, and gun violence in general. Dr. Bob Hilt, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Seattle Children's, said parents should be prepared to help their children deal with traumatic events, such as natural disasters and acts of violence.

Hilt suggested parents follow these tips to help their kids process traumatic events:

    Youth Eastside Services is a nonprofit organizations providing a lifeline for kids and families coping with challenges such as emotional distress, substance abuse and violence. They offer advice on talking to children, ranging from infants to late teens, about tragic events.

    "For teens, their worries are often based more on what they know or what they are learning in school," officials with Youth Eastside Services said.