Investigators search for vehicle of interest in deadly hit and run of Maple Valley father

Investigators say they may have a break in the case of a deadly hit-and-run of a Maple Valley man.

It’s been three weeks since 53-year old Greg Moore was killed. 

"I miss him so much, I have his ashes in a box, and it sits on the coffee table during the day and when I go to bed at night I bring it into the bedroom and I set it on his nightstand," said Greg’s wife, Michelle. 

Greg Moore

Greg, an avid runner was hit and killed on a road not far from his home early Sunday, July 18.

Hit-and-run cases are historically difficult cases because the crime is almost always random, making it harder to identify a suspect. But in this case, detectives have been able to form a timeline.

Surveillance video captured Greg running at 6:10 am. Based on his location, they believe he was hit at 6:16 am. About a minute later, a gray Toyota Camry, believed to be an older model between 2002-06 was seen running a stop sign just up the road from where Greg was hit. 

When analyzing the video, investigators noticed there was another car traveling closely behind the Camry that also flew through this stop sign, as if both cars were traveling together, and in a hurry to get out of the area. Other surveillance video shows the two cars were traveling together on the same route where Greg was running shortly before they believe he was killed.

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Detectives also found a piece of a vehicle left behind at the scene that appears similar to a Camry. Investigators say it’s crucial for the community to call in tips on this case, as they say the rural location makes it easier for someone to hide a car on their property. 

"When this first happened, I was willing to consider forgiveness, and, maybe I will be again but at this point I’m just angry."  Michelle said it’s been hard to fathom that if the Camry is the car who hit Greg, that the other driver following the Camry has also not come forward. "I would’ve understood that they maybe panicked in the moment, but it's been three weeks."

Michelle is doing everything she can to find the answers she so badly needs. The family has set up a website and raised over $35,000 for a reward.

"I need to know and like I said I need to have a conversation with that person or write a letter to that person and illustrate to them what they took from me, what they took from my family."

Detectives ask that if you have any tips to please call them into Crime Stoppers, where you can remain anonymous if you’d like. You can call in tips using the P3 tips app on your smartphone or by calling 1-800-222-TIPS.

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