Locally based World Vision heads to help tornado victims

FIFE -- Seeing the widespread devastation in Oklahoma, there’s an overwhelming desire to help from people across the country.

World Vision, the international Christian relief and development organization based in Federal Way, is ready to dive into the worst-hit areas with supplies and volunteers.

World Vision’s warehouse in Fife is big, but another warehouse just outside of Dallas is twice as large – and it’s packed with food and personal supplies destined for Oklahoma.

The organization is poised to send both supplies and volunteers to help the tornado's victims.

“As a Christian, your heart goes out to folks, and working there, that’s what it’s about, giving,” said Antonio Evans, who works at World Vision. He can’t wait to get to Oklahoma to help with relief supplies.

Evans just finished a monthlong deployment in New York state, where he provided help after Hurricane Sandy. He will likely spend another month where tornadoes tore apart neighborhood after neighborhood.

“There are people with grave human needs who are looking for support,” said Romanita Hairston with World Vision. Hairston will pass out desperately needed food and cleaning supplies.

“I will be going in a couple of weeks,” said Hairston. “This is the kind of emergency where we get all of our emergency personnel who need to be mobilized on the ground and we want to do everything we can to be helpful.”

Just since Friday, World Vision has raised more than $47,000 in relief at their call centers and Web site.

The organization is poised to send two semi-trailer trucks full of supplies.