Man stuck in train car for 18 hours heard screaming for help (PHOTOS)

SEATTLE -- Passersby helped rescue a man stuck in a tight train car for about 18 hours after hearing the man yell out for help.

According to the Seattle Fire Department, a couple walking on the Burke-Gilman Trail passed near a section of train tracks in the 6200 block of Seaview Avenue SW when they heard someone scream for help. The couple looked around, and found a man trapped inside a dry weight or hopper train car used to transport loose bulk goods.

The couple called emergency workers, who helped pull the man out, Seattle Fire Spokesman Kyle Moore said. Officials believe the man, a transient, was trapped in the train for around 18 hours, and was locked in after climbing in the car.

The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. His current condition is not known.

Firefighters are unsure where the man climbed into the train, or if he traveled from someplace other than Seattle.