Marysville teachers need help solving mystery of military heirloom

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Teachers at a Snohomish County middle school are hoping the public can help solve a bit of a military mystery, and bring a family heirloom back to its rightful owner.

A U.S. Coast Guard logbook -- complete with photos -- has rested on the desk of a Cedarcrest Middle School secretary for about 15 years.

It wasn't until the secretary brought the logbook to Cedarcrest librarian Sandi Brock that everyone realized how special the book could be.

"It's filled with just absolutely wonderful pictures of Puget Sound and the Coast Guard," Brock told Q13 News.

The book contains black-and-white pictures of the Puget Sound and Coast Guard sailors from the 1930s to the '50s. The pictures are rare, Brock suggests, and give a fun glimpse into a long-passed period of Washington and military history.

The problem is, no one knows who owns the book.

Brock says it was likely brought to school 15 years ago as part of a "Heritage Project" that encouraged students to bring in family heirlooms and talk about their family's past. The student must have forgotten the book in class, Brock guessed, and it was given to the secretary for safekeeping.

But no one ever came to pick it up. And it sat on the secretary's desk until this school year.

Brock posted about the found heirloom on the school's Facebook page, and is hoping a family member will recognize the book's cover and come forward. The logbook had no identifying markings.

If no one claims the book, it will be donated to the Coast Guard Seattle offices, which has said it will put it in their museum.

"They're excited about it," Brock said.

Anyone who recognizes the book should post on Cedarcrest's Facebook page, or email