Mukilteo shooting victim Jordan Ebner remembered

MUKILTEO, Wash. – A serious student with a funny side, say teachers and friends of Jordan Ebner, one of three shot teenagers and killed at a house party in Mukilteo early Saturday morning.

“There’s not much that can be said, I think,” said Everett Community College professor Jeff Sickles. “These are those moments where there’s not much to say, it’s heartbreaking, especially when someone is so full of promise.”

Sickles talked to Q13 News about his former student, Ebner. He revealed a new side of the 19-year-old. “He was one of those people you look at and say this is a nice kid,” said Sickles, “a nice young man.”

Sickles had Ebner as a student this past winter semester at ECC; he said the former Kamiak graduate was on track to go into aviation as a career.

“He was an attentive student,” he said, which shows the type of person he was. Sickles' communications class is a required class that some don’t take seriously, he said.

“Jordan was a serious student and he was reserved in class, but he interacted with his classmates well,” said Sickles. “He was disciplined as a student, always friendly.”

He was friendly, said Sickles -- and funny, as Q13 News learned from others. At a memorial fence of Mukilteo’s LDS Church, letters are being left written to the victims.

One left addressed to Jordan said, “You’ve taught me a thing or two about being as silly as you can be and also about being as kind as you can be.”

“As a community, it’s always challenging to lose somebody that is part of our family,” said Sickles. It’s how he said he sees Everett Community College, like a family.

“Those that knew him, I am sure, are heartbroken,” he said.

ECC released this statement on Monday:

Our college is saddened by the tragic shooting that took place this weekend in Mukilteo. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the friends and families of the victims.

"We know that students and staff may need support during this time. The Counseling Center is open Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 5:30 pm during the summer with a counselor available to talk with students between 9 am and 2 pm. In addition, a Crisis Counseling line is available (24 hours): 1-800-584-3578. The Diversity and Equity Center as well as the BRIDGES Center can be healing spaces. Employees can contact the Employee Assistance Program directly at (877) 313-4455 or they may call HR for assistance.

"In times like this it is important that we stand together as a community and support one another."

“It’s kind of a bit of a shock to know that life is short and fragile and I think people will be taking stock of that and to enjoy life but also take it seriously,” said Sickles.