Police arrest 3 men for last week's fatal Tacoma Hilltop shooting

TACOMA, Wash. -- Tacoma police said Tuesday night that they arrested three men for the shooting death of Robert Doss in a parked SUV on July 18.

Doss, 28, and a 20-year-old woman were sitting in parked Ford Explorer in the 1400 block of South L Street when a second vehicle pulled to a stop and the occupants opened fire, hitting both Doss and the woman.

The woman was able to drive to the hospital to get medical treatment for both her and Doss. She was treated for her injury, but Doss did not survive.

Police said at the time that a motive was unknown.

But Tuesday night, the Tacoma Police Department said in a news release that "detectives working on the case were able to establish probable cause to arrest the men for the homicide."

No other information was immediately available.