Report: P-I globe soon headed for a new home

SEATTLE -- The notable globe on top of the old Seattle-Post Intelligencer building is likely headed for a new home soon, the Seattle P.I. reports.

According to the P.I., talks of a move for the globe, which has sat atop P.I. buildings since 1948, have gotten quite serious. Seattle Councilmember Jean Godden told the P.I. that the globe will likely be headed near Myrtle Edwards Park, though not exactly on park property.

Myrtle Edwards is near the Olympic Sculpture Park and the Port of Seattle's Centennial Park. A spokesman for the Port told the Seattle P.I. he hadn't heard of the globe moving to their property.

Godden told the P.I. that an exact location for the globe should be announced soon.

A move to save the globe was made years ago after the Hearst Corporation ended the P.I's print edition and the online-only news source moved out of its building. The agreement to save the globe meant it would be donated to MOHAI, and plans to relocate it were never set in stone.

The globe has sat atop 101 Elliott Avenue West -- its current location -- since 1986.