San Antonio police officer fired for giving fecal sandwich to homeless man

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A San Antonio police officer has been fired after he intentionally gave a homeless man a sandwich with feces in it and then bragged about it.

Officer Matthew Luckhurst reportedly bragged to a fellow officer that he had put some feces between two slices of bread and then placed the sandwich next to a homeless man, reports KIAH.

The initial incident happened in late May. Internal Affairs was notified in July after a fellow officer told his supervisor.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus calls the whole incident "a vile and disgusting act."

Luckhurst's attorney says the whole thing was just a joke that "spiraled out of control."

There is no word if the man tried the sandwich. Police have looked for him, but have not been successful.

KSAT reports that Officer Luckhurst was a five-year veteran of the force and had been assigned to downtown bike patrol for about a year.