Seahawks, Uniqlo join forces on holiday shopping spree for deserving kids

BELLEVUE -- Some lucky kids were treated to a shopping spree with retired Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux and Blitz.

The Seahawks and Uniqlo clothing store joined forces to provide the group with a $100 each to pick out some snazzy new winter gear.

“Half the people around the world don't get to do this at all,” lucky shopper Dorianie Rakin-Cerbillo said with a smile.

The collaborated effort gave 30 local kids the chance to shop for the holiday at the new Bellvue Square location.

“It's very exciting it's always good to see that you can put a smile on someone's face with just a simple gesture,” Uniqlo assistant manager Fatoumata Cham explained. “We raised money as a company so kids can come and shop.”

Former Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux proved to be an impressive personal shopper. But it wasn’t all fun and games – the kids were learning a great lesson too.

“That's what I've been talking about with the kids that I've been shopping with how do the budget hundred dollars so we're kind of working with then doing a little price comparison that sort of thing,” Babineaux explained.

For the kids clothes were great, but hanging out with Jordan and Blitz meant the world.

“Oh it is so cool! We, me and Jordan made a handshake. It was awesome! I took a video of it too, nice!”

recipient Leslie Hernandez said about her new friend.