Seattle joins nationwide 'Tax Day' marches

SEATTLE – From a single tweet, thousands of protesters show up for Tax Day marches. In downtown Seattle Saturday afternoon, people marched for Trump taxes and the state’s tax code.

The nationwide movement is calling for President Donald Trump to release his tax return citing that he’s promised to do so numerous times in the past.

“Accountability begins with transparency. We are marching to demand President Trump release his tax returns. The people of Washington state deserve to know the truth about who represents them in public office, including business dealings, financial ties, and any potential conflicts of interest,” said march volunteer Cody Herring.

Here locally, protesters also pushed for state leaders to fix what organizers call Washington’s upside-down tax code.

“We need to have a conversation about comprehensive statewide progressive tax return that includes talking about a progressive income tax. Those who get the most out of society are morally and socially obligated to put the most back into society so we can build a society that lifts all of us up,” said Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa.

More than 160 cities participated from Seattle to New York.  It’s no coincidence the march was planned for Saturday, April 15, the traditional day tax returns are due.