Secret Santa named 'Bill' turns out to be billionaire Gates; woman stunned

SEATTLE -- A user who participated in the website’s Secret Santa program was shocked when she discovered Secret Santa 'Bill' who had sent her presents turned out to be billionaire and former Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

The Reddit user, Rachel, documented her discovery, surprise and excitement in a post Wednesday. Geekwire first reported the story.

“I thought Bill sounded like a friendly fellow,” Rachel wrote in her post Wednesday afternoon.  “In fact, I had this whole image of this poor guy named Bill trying to navigate my wishlist full of makeup, nailpolish, glittery things to buy me. Quite frankly I felt bad for this ‘Bill’…"

She received two gifts from Bill – a donation to charity Heifer International, which gives families in poor countries animals, seeds, clean water, and their girls a chance to get an education – and a travel book. And then there was the photo.

“I opened this and it’s a man holding a sign, Oh … wait. Holy s---(expletive deleted). Time out," Rachel wrote. "And then it finally hit me. All the presents I just tore open, the charity, then everything-- was from Bill GATES. I quickly went back to the book to see a really nice message and note from Bill wishing me a Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday (not pictured, because I really want to keep one part of this gift to myself) my jaw hit the EVER LOVING FLOOR. I went back to all the other gifts completely shocked. Then I paused for a minute and thought, what if this is someone screwing with me. Well of course Mr. Bill Gates already thought of this and took a picture of himself with my stuffed animal and a sign and then sent me the stuffed animal and sign.”

Rachel wrote at one point, “I feel SO shocked and excited that not only did I receive a gift from Bill, but it was perfectly and EXACTLY tuned into my interests. My gosh, what a rush!!"

She also wrote, "Bill- you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we're friends now!). I am so very, very grateful for the amazing and thoughtful gift you have picked for me! Not only is the gift PERFECT from anyone, but I am sincerely very appreciative that you took the time to find something so fitting for me."

And her postscript was sure to make folks chuckle.

"ps:  Sorry for the apple ipad on my wishlist, that was really awkward," she wrote.

To read Rachel's entire post, click here.

Rachel with the travel book sent to her by Bill Gates.
"this book is extremely large and getting both me and the book in the picture was extremely difficult."